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Save the Michaels Lockport Office
81 Walnut Street
Lockport, NY

STMOTW Lockport Location

"I came to Save the Michaels in June when my loved one finally turned to us for help after many, many years of drug use. You folks saved his life as far as I'm concerned, by helping me get him into a facility for detox and then rehab. He is now doing well, has 6 months drug free, and is currently in recovery living in an Oxford House. During this time I found that I needed help too. I was linked with a Recovery Coach who has helped me so much. I am so thankful for her and her wisdom, kindness, and knowledge. Which brings me to the reason for this missive. She in fact, has inspired me to inquire about becoming a Recovery Coach myself. Thank you so much." - Mary

"I just wanted to send another thank you for coming to Kenmore West last week.  We received positive feedback from students and staff about the assembly.  Thanks again- happy holidays!" - Laura Jelonek, Health Teacher, Kenmore West High School, Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District

"I want to Thank Save The Michaels for helping my son get the help he needed. He is now in inpatient Rehab and seems to be doing well. Without the help of Janet and her staff I really don't know where I would be.They have been amazing in helping through every step. I am so happy that I reached out to Janet. My family is by my side and the love my son has from family is beyond amazing. I pray he continues to do well once he gets out. I know the hard part is yet to come for the both of us, but it's baby steps and I know he can do this. I prayer for all the families that are suffering and have lost loved ones. No one really knows what a Mom, Family, Dad goes through in times like this."  - Laurie