STMOTW Recovery Coaches

Save the Michaels is an advocacy and education organization that creates awareness of prescription drug addiction, overdose, and suicide. It was established in June, 2011, as a small kitchen table action group, to bring attention and awareness of the devastating effects of opioid medications, after the death by suicide of 20-year-old Michael David Israel.


Since then, Save the Michaels has grown exponentially. Save the Michaels has changed the laws in New York State regarding prescription medication. We have established ourselves as a 501 (c3) not for profit organization as we raise funds to reach out to schools, professional organizations and businesses all over the region. We continue to increase awareness and education regarding the dangers of prescription and other drug addictions which can lead to accidental overdose or suicide.


Save the Michaels of the World, Inc. is pleased to announce the January 1, 2017 opening of the House of Hope and Community Resources, at 11 Summer St. in Buffalo, NY. The House of Hope trains volunteer Peer Recovery Coaches who are taught by an OASAS accredited CRPA facilitator. (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery: Recovery Coach Academy©.)


House of Hope Peer Recovery Coaches have experienced addiction within their own immediate family.

  • They empathize with the emotional pain inherent to addiction within a family. After training is complete, coaches begin meeting with people who have a family member suffering from SUD.
  • Coaches prioritize the most pressing issues and begin working towards resolution right away.
    • Is the addicted individual in need of shelter, food, or medical care?
    • Are the family members requesting information about how to communicate more effectively with their addicted loved one?
  • We provide information on navigating the social services system.
  • Coaches teach families what addiction is, and how addiction changes the brain.
  • We help family members secure treatment for their loved ones who are ready to begin their road to recovery.
  • We teach families how to help advance their own lives positively, while still supporting their family member.
  • Coaches assist families long-term; families meet with our coaches for as long as they wish to maintain that relationship.