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Mary Croston, Intake Coordinator

Mary Croston
Intake Coordinator

Mary began working for Save the Michaels in June 2019.  After earning her degree in Psychology, Mary decided to go back to school for her CASAC-T certification.  She has since taken on the Intake Coordinator position at Save the Michaels and is passionate about giving people the opportunity to restart their lives.  Mary is dedicated to helping others and is excited to make a difference in the lives of those seeking recovery. Mary can be reached at [email protected] or by phoning (716) 984-8375.

Carol Flannagan

Carol Flanagan

Carol Flanagan joined STM in November 2018 as our Receptionist. Carol comes to us with 30 years of corporate clerical experience. Her last job was being eliminated during the same time that STM was looking for a full-time receptionist, and we both saw this as the perfect opportunity for Carol to join our team. Carol has family members in recovery and understands the need to help people who are suffering from addiction. Carol can be reached at [email protected] or by phoning (716) 984-8375.

Pamela Gawne

Pamela Gawne

Pam comes from a human resources background.  She has extensive experience not only in customer service but with assisting those in navigating the affordable housing arena. “Understanding people and having empathy for people are blocks on which I stand.  Addiction is in my family; with family members who are [now] in recovery.  I understand the need to help people who are suffering from the disease of addiction. I hope to play a part in the success of our new recovery center in Lockport!”. Pamela can be reached at [email protected] or by phoning (716) 302-3960.

Andrew N. Hornbarger

Andrew N. Hornbarger
eer Advocate

Andrew spent the majority of his career selling text books to colleges and Universities.   Over the past year he began volunteering at Sisters Hospital, spending time with patients, working to cheer them up, and assisting with anything to make them more comfortable.  Andy found his true calling here.  “I have found this more rewarding than I can say.  I feel like I have found my niche helping others and why Save the Michaels was so attractive for me.  My family is no stranger to addiction and it is something I have been dealing  with of my life.  I believe my experience and empathy helps me to help others at Save the Michaels.” Andrew can be reached at [email protected] or by phoning (716) 302-3960.

Barbara Howard

Barbara "Babs" Howard
Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA)

Barbara has been involved in the recovery community for the past 10yrs. She lost 2 brothers to alcoholism and addiction and has a son in recovery. She is passionate about providing support, education and resources to families that have loved ones with this disease. Barbara recently retired from a 40 yr. career as a clinical scientist at Oishei Children’s Hospital and has taken a part time position at Save the Michaels. She will continue to provide support as a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate for Families and their loved ones. Barbara can be reached at [email protected] or by phoning at (716) 984-8375.

Angela Fox

Joseph Lapi
Director of Recovery Programs

Joe is a Buffalo NY native with deep roots in the Buffalo and WNY community.  “My Grandfather’s philosophy was ‘Work hard, be kind and help others’.  These characteristics were deeply instilled in me”.  Early careers at M&T Bank and the Hodgson /Russ law firm led to Joe having the position of Circulation marketing district manager at The Buffalo News where he became Human Rights and Equality Chairperson for the Buffalo newspaper guild. “It was there I found my passion to help and advocate for others”.   Joe volunteered to be a peer counselor at the Greater Buffalo Counseling Center, after recovering from his own addictions to substance use. “I fell in love with counseling”. Joe searched for work in the Substance use disorder field. He was hired to work for a large behavioral health agency in WNY where he began studying addiction and behavioral health. Joe excelled and flourished in the field being named chemical dependency counselor of the year in 2012.  He has extensive experience in all phases of addiction treatment including detox, inpatient, residential, outpatient and family programing. Joe also has acted as a mentor to new clinicians as well as acting as a trainer for counselors in the field on various aspects of clinical treatment. He simultaneously provided care over the past twelve years for the addiction medical practice of “Meridian Medicine” the office of Dr. Thomas C. Small, a pioneer in the field of medicated assisted treatment and recovery medicine in the WNY area. Joe was introduced to Save the Michaels when he asked to volunteer a couple hours per week facilitating group therapy sessions. “ I had an introductory conversation with CEO Avi Israel.  He captured my heart with his story of the genesis of STM, and his vision in continuing to unselfishly work within the community providing  hope, support, education and the best care possible for people suffering with the disease of addiction, as well as providing education and support to their loved ones and family members. I am excited, grateful and humbled to be working for such a giving organization and special team of people ”Joe can be reached at [email protected] or by phoning (716) 984-8375.

Phil Luzio

Philip Luzio
Staff Photographer

Phil has been with Save the Michaels since its inception in June 2011.  He served as Vice President and now serves as Event Coordinator.  Phil served in the U.S. Military from 1966 to 1968 and is retired from the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority.

Carol Plant

Carol Plant
Recovery Coach

Carol came to Save the Michaels after attending a Recovery Coach training in Lockport.  Carol is a resident of Lockport and has strong ties to her community.  Carol’s son, Shawn, lost his battle with opiates and passed away due to an accidental overdose.  After the loss of her child, Carol struggled with her own opiate use.  Carol’s passion grew out of her pain and is fulfilled assisting others in their recovery. Carol can be reached by phoning (716) 302-3960 or by emailing [email protected].

Dennis Stilb

Dennis Stilb, Jr.
Peer Advocate

Dennis Joined Save the Michaels in March 2019 .  He has a strong passion for helping people within his community.  Dennis works within the court system assisting individuals who have been incarcerated due to consequences of their substance use.  Dennis is an essential support to the peers he works; assisting them with the barriers of re-entry into society.  “It is my passion to be able to help others overcome their addictions, seeing the process and change take place in another person is amazing.  I feel that everyone needs to be met where they are at in the process and all achievements need to be celebrated. Set small goals to reach the ongoing big goal of a lifetime of sobriety and success.”  Dennis Plans to further his education and go to school for a CASAC as well as gaining further knowledge of the Mental health issues individuals face. Dennis may be reached by calling 716.302.3960 or [email protected].

Matt Thompson, Recovery Coach

Matt Thompson, CRPA
Certified Recovery Peer Advocate

Matt joined Save the Michaels in January 2019.  He lives in Lockport and has a passion for the people in his community.  Matt has been working tirelessly conducting outreach in the Lockport and Niagara Falls court systems. He completed his Associates Degree with a focus on Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling and will be applying for his CASAC shortly.  “I love being able to work in my community, helping people enter and maintain their recovery from Substance Abuse.  Save the Michaels is leading the way in New York State, and the United States, in the way we combat addiction in our communities. It’s an honor to be part of this team”. You can reach Matt  at [email protected]  or by phoning (716) 302-3960.

Matt Thompson, Recovery Coach

Laura Vigliotti
Women's Program Coordinator

Laura came to Save the Michaels in August of 2019.  Her passion is working with women in recovery.  Laura assists with running all the women’s programming in both the Buffalo and Lockport offices.  Her heart is in connecting with women and helping them to gain the understanding that they have support and someone in their corner. You can reach Laura  at [email protected]  or by phoning (716) 302-3960.

Suzanne Mix, Director of Family Support Services

Taylor Wadsworth
Courts Case Manager

Taylor began working with Save the Michaels shortly after obtaining her undergraduate degree from Duquesne University. As the Court Referrals Manager at STM, Taylor works with all the treatment courts of the NYS 8th Judicial District in 8 different counties, to coordinate treatment for individuals in various facilities all throughout New York State. Her passion for helping others is a driving force behind her work. You can reach her at [email protected] or at (716) 984-8375.

Regan West, Administrative Assistant

Regan West
Administrative Assistant

Regan began working with Save the Michaels in November 2018.  It is her passion to pursue social justice and link individuals with the help they are so in need of.  Regan works directly with the Chief Operating Officer of STM.  She assists in managing the daily operations, as well as, the larger structure of the Save the Michaels agency.  Regan enjoys the administrative side of the nonprofit world and is hoping to continue on in this direction with her future career goals.  Regan can be reached at [email protected] or by phoning (716) 984-8375.