Office Staff

Dolly Berges

Dolly Berges, Administrative Assistant

Dolly began working with Save the Michaels as of February 2019. In her current position, she works directly under Avi Israel, President of STM. Her passion is helping others to make sure that they receive the assistance that they need. Dolly can be reached at [email protected] or by phoning (716) 984-8375.

Molly Clauss, Bookkeeping Clerk

Molly has been with Save the Michaels since 2015. Molly is a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA). Molly works collaboratively with Erie County, New York State, and NYS-OASAS to coordinate programs at Save the Michaels. She also coordinates the grants and funding that Save the Michaels receives through many different county, state, and private corporations and agencies. You can reach Molly at  [email protected] or by calling (716) 984-8375.

Carol Flannagan

Carol Flanagan, Receptionist

Carol Flanagan joined STM in November 2018 as our Receptionist. Carol comes to us with 30 years of corporate clerical experience. Her last job was being eliminated during the same time that STM was looking for a full-time receptionist, and we both saw this as the perfect opportunity for Carol to join our team. Carol has family members in recovery and understands the need to help people who are suffering from addiction. Carol can be reached at [email protected] or by phoning (716) 984-8375.

Philip Luzio, Staff Photographer

Phil has been with Save the Michaels since its inception in June 2011.  He served as Vice President and now serves as Event Coordinator.  Phil served in the U.S. Military from 1966 to 1968 and is retired from the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority.

Brenna McDonald

Brenna McDonald, Intake Coordinator

Brenna joins STM as an Intake Specialist. Brenna has always been active in the service community. When not at STM, Brenna does volunteer homeless outreach year round, building relationships with those experiencing homelessness. In the winter months she works with Code Blue, bringing people into shelter. Brenna is passionate about working with and connecting with people of all walks of life. Brenna can be reached by phoning (716) 984-8375 or by emailing [email protected].

Suzanne Mix, Director of Family Support Services

Suzanne Mix, Director of Family Support Services

Sue comes to Save the Michaels from teaching in the Orchard Park school system. Sue considers her position at Save the Michaels a “calling” and a passion project, after assisting a loved one struggling with Substance Use Disorder. Susan understands how addiction can affect the family unit. Susan is responsible for organizing our recovery coaches, scheduling trainings, and linking our families with an appropriate coach. Susan also oversees our Peer Advocate program where she links individuals in new recovery with an advocate in sustained recovery. Sue can be reached at [email protected] or by calling (716) 984-8375.

Suzanne Mix, Director of Family Support Services

Sean Plunkett,  Peer Recovery Coach

Sean Plunkett is a Buffalo native, born and raised. Sean graduated from Canisius High School, I received his Associates Degree from ECC in Mental Health and Substance Abuse. He is also a trained and licensed First Aid Professional. Sean worked at The Restoration Society in Buffalo, working with men and women suffering from mental health disabilities, substance abuse and homelessness/poverty. He’s also worked at ECMC in the Emergency Room helping people get treatment for Substance Abuse Disorder, helping to educate people on the resources available to them throughout WNY as a Peer Advocate. Sean is a Certified Recovery Coach as well as Ethics Trained. Sean says: “I am in Long-term Recovery, fighting on the front lines, working towards giving back what was so freely given to me. Hope, freedom, and a new way to live!” Sean can be reached by calling (716) 984-8375. or via email at [email protected]

Suzanne Mix, Director of Family Support Services

Tasha Punch, Assistant Case Manager

Tasha has been with Save The Michaels since August 2018.  She came to STM as a receptionist but is now training to be a case manager under Janet Gaskin. She is very passionate about helping others and making an impact in the world around her. Tasha can be reached at [email protected] or by calling (716) 984-8375.

Suzanne Mix, Director of Family Support Services

Angela Robertson, Court Representative and Insurance OMBUDS Representative

Angela started with Save the Michaels in October, 2018. As the STM Court Representative, Angela travels to different drug courts, and advocates for justice-involved individuals to get into treatment for their substance use disorder. As the Ombuds Representative for Save the Michaels, Angela works with individuals seeking access to insurance coverage for substance use and mental health disorders. Angela informs people of their insurance rights, and assists them when they are denied coverage. Angela is available for speaking engagements at businesses and community centers across WNY  regarding her Ombuds work. Angela received her training through the CHAMPS program in Albany: Community Health Access to Addiction and Mental Healthcare Project. You can reach Angela at [email protected]  or by phoning (716) 984-8375.

Suzanne Mix, Director of Family Support Services

Taylor Wadsworth, Court Referrals Manager

Taylor began working with Save the Michaels shortly after obtaining her undergraduate degree from Duquesne University. As the Court Referrals Manager at STM, Taylor works with all the treatment courts of the NYS 8th Judicial District in 8 different counties, to coordinate treatment for individuals in various facilities all throughout New York State. Her passion for helping others is a driving force behind her work. You can reach her at [email protected] or at (716) 984-8375.

Suzanne Mix, Director of Family Support Services

Karen West, Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA)

Karen came to STM in 2018 as a Recovery Coach in Training, and is now a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA) She helps families and individuals struggling with SUD. Karen understands first hand that it SUD is a family disease and she continually strives to educate herself on the multiple pathways of recovery. Karen’s background has expertise as in both business and marketing, as well as being a health and wellness practitioner. She believes in healing the mind-body-spirit as a whole. Karen has a passion for helping others find their strengths to live the life they were meant to live. Karen is embarking on getting her CASAC in the fall to further her education on this disease. She believes recovery is not a destination, but a journey where you can find peace within yourself to live a life of meaning and purpose. You can reach Karen at [email protected] or by calling (716) 984-8375.

PO BOX 55, Buffalo, NY 14207   716.984.8375